Friday, May 3, 2019

Mobile and Embedded Development with Qt

At times it was a bit painful juggling writing a book, doing my day job and running around doing the things that life throws. It's done and dusted now, you too can buy my book titled Hands-On Mobile and Embedded Development with Qt 5! It has a nice image of glacier ice on the cover, which I thought was appropriate for a technology founded in Norway and then continued in Finland.

A big thanks to the co-founder of Trolltech, Eirik Chambe-Eng, who was gracious enough to write the forward at the last second. Tons of thanks to all the editors who also worked on this book.

One of the things I learned writing this book is that Qt is big. I already knew that, but now it's plainly apparent just how big it has grown. Not only are there major companies developing products with Qt, but it has a lot of different functionality and is not just about desktop widgets. There are a huge number of classes to cover.

You can check out the table of contents if you want to see what is covered and included. One area that I did not include is OpenGL ES. This is a huge topic and easily a book on it's own. It's something I would like to know more about, which is why I did not feel qualified to cover it. You need to know OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL), and I did not have the time to discover that to any real depth.

I hope that I covered topics that are relevant for mobile, embedded and IoT developers. From QtWidgets, QtQuick, QtSensors (of course) to In-app purchasing and building an embedded system with Qt Company's Boot To Qt and Yocto. I also explore Qt's newest platform - Qt for WebAssembly, which allows you to serve Qt applications from a web server to run in a web browser.


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