Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Aussie firestorms

As some may know, I currently reside in Australia, which is undergoing an unprecedented bush fire season. Total burnt area is about the size of Demark, with no end in sight. Whole forests and towns are being incinerated. Millions of animals, both wild and farm are being killed and injured by the swiftly moving crown fire being whipped up by high dry winds.

There are people that need help, and people that rescue animal need help as well.

Some of you may have seen that I authored a book that was published by Packt this last year
Hands on Mobile and Embedded Development with Qt 5

I have decided the donate all my last quarters royalties to the WIRES Emergency Fund for Wildlife. It's not much, but I wanted to help out creatures that cannot help themselves or cannot seek out help. If there is any interest, I will donate the next quarters royalties as well.

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