Thursday, December 20, 2007


just opened the nokia n810. These are my first impressions.

I have used quite a few different handheld devices. The keyboard is not as tactile and easy to type with as the zaurus keyboards. But hopefully it is just a matter of getting use to.

All I wanted to do is test the gps. I eagerly opened the box and started the process of getting a gps fix. It took quite sometime to fix 3 satellites. Longer than half an hour! Maybe it is just the satellites here in the southern hemisphere and Australia. Could have been the mall and the car as well.

a few days with this now. Battery life is good. The keyboard sucks, and I keep making spelling errors because the keys are too close tgogether and fedel tghe samed.

I like tghe zaurfus keyb oard better.

GPS is gbood if you go somewhere tghat you dont know. otghedfrwise itgs just looking at big brother wathinbg where you go.