Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been 7 years since I started the Gutenbrowser project on Sourceforge. I had developed it for at least a year or so before that.
I have started hacking on it again, to fix a few things up. It is still far from what I entirely imagine when I think about what it should be.

In 7 years, the Project Gutenberg when from a few hundred books, maybe even a few thousand, to 10's of thousands. All free.
Now there are devices like the Kindle where you can buy ebooks and read them.
You don't have to buy any books from Gutenberg project. That are all free. Everyone of them.

I will create a new release in the coming weeks, with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X binaries.
You can always get Gutenbrowser in Debian. I am not entirely sure which version it is, but they usually keep it up to date, and occasionally pester me for updates or bug fixes.

I am pretty sure I started working on gutenbrowser 9 years ago. My how things have changed in the last 9 years... blah blah blah....

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